This "MEGA-Meme" Stock Has 4,000%+ Profit Potential

Lou Basenese

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Earlier in the week, I alerted you to the return of meme stocks.

Then I warned you about trying to score a quick 670% gain in random trash stocks like Phunware, Inc. (PHUN).

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. But you don’t pay me to delude you.

Thankfully, today, I have much better news: a bonafide way to capture the lightning-fast (and ridiculous) upside potential of meme stocks — without all the risk.

Best of all, you can potentially start profiting from this strategy as soon as tomorrow.

That’s when I predict a tiny penny stock with great fundamentals could go supersonic.

So time is of the essence here...

Firepower Galore

First things first, you need to understand something about meme stocks:

Generally, there are no fundamental reasons for them to surge.

In other words, these companies aren’t developing cutting-edge technologies that might change the world. And they’re not growing their sales or profits.

That being said, the catalyst that’s propelling them higher (200%, 500%, even 1,000% higher) is legit as it gets.

I’m talking about the army of new investors who woke up to the wealth-multiplying power of individual stocks — and in turn, are buying them up hand over fist!

Case in point: in the first half of this year, new brokerage accounts opened by individual investors topped 10 million. That roughly matches the total opened in all of 2020, according to JMP Securities.

But more important than new account openings is the firepower inside of them.

Individual investors currently invest so much capital, they routinely account for about 25% of all trading in U.S. stocks. That’s up from about 10% just a decade ago.

But here’s the thing:

Imagine what would happen if this army of retail traders turned their attention to companies that had all the characteristics of meme stocks… but were also fundamentally strong!

Mega-Meme… Mega Profits

Well, I’m here to tell you: it’s happening.

After all, it’s a natural progression. Before you learn the fundamental laws of making money from the stock market, first you need to get into the “game.”

Well, this new army of meme-stock investors are quickly wising up, and now they’re migrating to higher-quality companies with the same set-ups as meme stocks...

Most notably, stocks with a low number of shares in their float and a lower valuation, thereby providing room for a massive run-up in price.

If we can learn anything from meme-stock mania, it’s what hockey legend Wayne Gretzky figured out long ago:

We need to skate to where the puck (in this case, the retail trading army) is going, not where it’s been.

So stop wasting your time trying to squeeze profits out of GameStop and AMC...

Instead, spend your time identifying fundamentally strong stocks that also have all the hallmarks that can propel meme stocks massively higher.

Introducing: The World’s First “MEGA-Meme” Stock

Speaking of which, I just discovered a tiny stock that trades for less than $10…

With all the hallmarks of a meme stock plus bullet-proof fundamentals, I believe it could become the world’s first “Mega-Meme” stock…

In fact, I believe the potential gains here could reach as high as 4,000%.

Furthermore, I believe those gains could start coming in as soon as tomorrow.

For full details, click on the link below. But don’t delay...

Introducing: The World’s First MEGA-Meme Stock

Ahead of the tape,
Lou Basenese
Lou Basenese


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