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Micro-Cap Advantage is a powerful new investment research service that provides individual investors with “micro-cap” trading recommendations.

The goal of this service is to help you earn big, fast gains — regardless of how much time, money, or experience you have. We aim for 500% to 1,000% profits on each trade.

Historically, small-caps (stocks with market caps of $500 million to $2 billion) have outperformed large-caps by a wide margin. This outperformance has been confirmed by Nobel Prize winners and Wall Street analysts.

But for the biggest profits, investors should go even smaller: they should invest in “micro-cap” stocks — those with market caps of just tens of millions of dollars up to $500 million.

The service is managed by one of the leading independent technology analysts in the industry, Lou Basenese. Lou has over 20 years of experience analyzing emerging technologies, and has developed a proven system for consistently profiting from them.

Historically, Crowdability has focused its efforts on analyzing private startup companies, where we can help investors maximize their gains by “getting in early." But now that Lou has joined Crowdability, we can provide readers with another way to “get in early” — by investing in publicly-traded micro-caps. Just like startups, micro-caps:

  • Represent growth opportunities at their earliest stages.
  • Are valued in the tens of millions of dollars, instead of the billions.
  • Create products and services addressing enormous markets — so if they succeed, they can deliver huge returns to their early investors

By building a portfolio of these micro-caps over time, not only can you significantly boost your overall returns, but you can also reduce your risk. So, every month, subscribers receive a new investment idea, backed up by an in-depth digital prospectus.

The prospectus includes an analysis of the company and its product, growth and profit forecasts, and research on the company’s industry and competitive position. All this due diligence is performed by Lou and his research team.

This service is for all investors:

  • There are no requirements related to net worth or income.
  • There are no investment minimums — you can invest as little as you’d like.
  • You can invest in these deals through your existing brokerage account.
  • And citizens of nearly all countries may participate.

The standard price for an annual subscription to Micro-Cap Advantage is $2,995.

Access to Micro-Cap Advantage is currently closed. Due to the nature of micro-cap investments, only a certain number of investors can participate without moving the price of a stock. Therefore, we must limit the number of subscribers we accept.

At this time membership is full.

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